Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life Lately

What have we been up to lately?  Just working and schooling.  The kids are ready for Summer.  They have been ready since returning from Spring Break.  Tanner is joining the football team for his Junior year, so he is in the middle of Spring training.  Every day he comes home with a new bruise or scratch.  Or both.  Gray just had her physical Tuesday to get ready for the Volleyball clinic and tryouts at school.  And Tanner turned Sweet Sixteen on Tuesday!  So, we've been staying busy as always.

Other than that, we love snap chat.  Face swap is good for hours of entertainment.

And this girl. . . .she is funny.

We've had some great weekends.  It has finally been warm consistently.  I've made a couple trips to my favorite nursery for flowers to plan on my patio and front porch.

We've done some great grilling.

GG had her field trip.  See more about that here.

Tanner is just getting older and bigger.

Gray decided to do a little shopping one Saturday at The Purse Man.

We have been enjoying time outside and trying to fit in as many hikes as possible.  And throw in a little jeep ride here and there.

And this was the first year that we attended the Rodeo.  The school host a Rodeo each spring to raise funds for the athletic department.  It was a lot of fun.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sixth graders Blast Off

A couple of weeks ago Gray went on the 6th grad field trip.  Neither Bobby or myself signed up to go on the trip with her as it was just a day trip.  They had to be at school to board the buses at 6:00 am and headed out for Huntsville, AL to visit the Space and Rocket Center.  I was able to stay in the loop all day by following Gray's snap chats.  She also did a great job texting me pictures throughout the day.   She was in a group with her besties Caitlyn and Nate along with Caitlyn's mom as a chaperone.

They were able to do all kinds of fun activities and rides.  She had such a great time.

They finally returned to the school at 10:30 pm.  Such a long day left her a little grumpy, but I think she'd agree that it was definitely worth it.

More pic's from the day. . .

Gray and Ms. Catherine.

Technology these days. :)


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life's a Party

When you are turning twelve, its worth celebrating.  Is it worth celebrating for weeks without end?  Yes!  We had our final celebration for Gray's birthday on Saturday, April 2nd. We just planned to hang out around the fire pit in the back yard.

Grilled hot dogs, Nachos with Cheese, and S'mores were on the menu.  We chose cupcakes to keep things simple.

We all enjoyed a great night with friends and family.  I could celebrate this baby girl every day.

We also had a just a few fireworks.  Few in number, but BIG in impact.  They were by far the loudest fireworks we have ever shot.  The kids loved them.

I'm pretty sure Gray is already planning her thirteenth birthday party.  But for me, I woke up the following morning with a Sweet Sixteen celebration on my mind.  In 20 short days we will have another driver in the house!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Life Lately

What have we been up to?  

Well, everything that we own is breaking these days.  We just put a new Air conditioning unit in last month.  This months purchase was a new washing machine.  I'm not sure what's up next for repair/replacement, but I'm sure it will show it's face soon enough.  I snapped a picture of this cutie while we were in Lowes shopping for the washer.  Nothing compares to flaunting your Auburn gear in Title town. :)

We celebrated Easter with the family.  I posted an annoying amount of pictures back here.

We just had our last birthday celebration for the twelve year old this past Saturday.  I woke up Sunday morning with my thoughts on the party for my soon to be SIXTEEN year old coming up at the end of the month.

Sunday after church we met for lunch at Casey & Carrie's house to celebrate my Father in laws birthday.  We all did a little loving on this tiny princess.

And that's our Life Lately.  The past day or two we have had some really beautiful weather and I am ready for full on Spring!  Bring on the sunshine!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break 2016

The kids enjoyed a "staycation" with there dad this year for Spring break.  Bobby decided to take the week off work to hang out with them and enjoy the first week of Turkey season.  The whole week basically consisted of the three of them being super outdoorsy.

Gray accomplished her goal of catching her first bass on her first trip that week.

And then she followed up with her second the day after.

Tanner got a good sized Turkey on one of his hunts.

These two took the wave runner out for a spin.

And on St. Patricks day, Gray turned twelve.  She was invited to go to Ross Bridge to stay the night with her Aunt C and baby cousin.  They had so much fun.  They played laser tag, swam, went bowling, and ate at The Melting Pot.

All in all I think both kids enjoyed the low key week just relaxing.
Now we are all holding our breath for Summer vacation!