Sunday, July 5, 2015

Catch All (Part 1)

I've been going back to old blog post a lot lately to look at birthdays, vacations, and just our everyday life.  What I've realized is, I should have never slacked off on this whole blogging business.  I have so many memories documented that may have otherwise been forgotten.  So here I am again.  I've got a lot of catching up to do just for this year alone.  I'm just making a deal with myself to only post the things that absolute must haves, and then I'll do a better job moving forward.

For now, we've been busy enjoying the Summer.  We have spent many hours on the lake.  We bought a wave runner over the Winter and it has been so much fun.  Bobby and I have discussed getting one for the past few years, and finally stumbled upon a deal we could not pass up. Here we are riding back in February like crazy people.

Gray got braces right after Spring break. It is amazing how much her teeth have moved around already.  Other than being a little sore the first day, she has not complained one bit.  She kind of loves having braces.



We finally had Gray's 11th birthday bash at the skating rink.  We went in with one of her best friends and they both had the best time.  It was a ton of fun.

Easter weekend was full of friends and family.  One of our favorite cheer coaches had the cutest Easter party.  Crafts and yummy food, and egg hunting.  Gray LOVED hanging out with all her girlfriends.

Easter Sunday at church was great as always.  

After church we always have lunch with Bobby's mom and family.  They have a field that backs up to there property with the sweetest horses.  We love to see them when we are there.


We also celebrated Pawpaw's birthday on Easter.  I think we are all done with adding new grandchildren.  (I think.)  I've most definitely done my part.

The Junior cheerleader squad was invited to cheer at the local spirit night for the school.  Those cheer skirts sure were a lot shorter than they were back in the Fall!!

And last but not least, Gray joined her first small group in the Spring.  She had the best time and made some new friends.  They met twice a month, and it really was a great experience for her.  Such a great group of girls!

More to come soon. . . .


Sunday, March 22, 2015


Gracyn Elizabeth is Eleven!

The kids were out of school for Spring Break this past week, so she was able to relax and enjoy her birthday week.  Her Aunt Carrie took her for her very first trip to the spa to get a manicure.  And she LOVED it!

The birthday princess requested Tacos and a Cookies & Cream ice cream cake for dinner.
Her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins joined us for dinner and a movie.
She really enjoyed her day.

The big celebration is coming up at the end of the month at the Skating Rink.  We are in getting prepared to party like the eighties and she can hardly wait.

I can't believe she is ELEVEN.  
You are a one of a kind girl.  You definitely have a very strong personality, and sometimes people do not understand you.  We love you for the person that you are.  You know how to stand up for yourself and others.  You are full of energy and joy, and have so much love to share.  You are very emotional and compassionate.  I know that you will do great things in your life and I cannot wait to watch it play out.

Some of your favorite things at ELEVEN:

-All things related to your IPad.
-Binge watching series on Netflix.
-Taking pictures with your friends, and Selfies.
-Face time with friends, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and any social media that you are not grounded from at the moment.
-Sour Gummy Worms.
-Tumbling class.
-Going to the movies.
-Macaroni & Cheese & Steak.

Happy Birthday Gracyn!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Samantha Miss ~ 2015

This is Gray's final year in elementary school.  She decided she would try the Samantha Miss Pageant again.  The Samantha Miss Pageant is a fund raiser that the PTSO puts on for her school.  This year was a lot of fun.  She has really matured and grown more confident since the last time she tried the pageant as a third grader.  She got all dolled up, and really enjoyed the experience.

However, I was feeling the pressure this time around while trying to choose a dress.  I'm pretty sure she tried on every dress in town.  We finally decided on a really pretty dress, only to realize a little later that it was too short and had not been altered.  So, we started over at square one on the dress hunt.

She ended up with the most beautiful and elegant dress ever.  Here she is looking like a teenager, #67.

We met bright and early at her friends house for hair and makeup.  Of course I think this girl is beautiful every day, but I just could not believe how stunning she looked when she was done with hair and makeup.  And so GROWN UP!

She was a little nervous, but she really did great on stage.  She took her time, and her confidence really shined through.  
She was awarded 1st alternate in the Fifth grade 10 year old division.

We sure love this little beauty queen.  She is a beauty on the inside and out!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Recap

2014 has passed so fast!  I feel like we were just celebrating the new year.  This post was supposed to go out BEFORE the new year!!  In true "always behind" fashion, I'll post few words and many pictures.

First Disney trip in January 2014:

Snow in Alabama:

Ignite Marriage retreat for me and this cutie in February:

Clumsy has another broken arm (on her birthday) in March:

Celebrating a Decade of Gray:

Tanner turned fourteen in April:

Last day of middle school:

Last day of fourth grade:

Summer on Lake Tuscaloosa:

Summer vacation to Ft. Morgan:

First day of high school (!!!!) and fifth grade:

Gracyn's first concert (Austin Mahone):

My birthday in September:


Recreate Women's Conference:

NCATA Champions in October:

Daddy daughter Disney trip in November:

Broken nose at home during the Disney fun:

Bobby turned 40 on November 22nd:

Cheering in the Christmas parade:

Christmas Eve service:

Merry Christmas!!

And Happy 2015!!